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Lake Gaston vs Kerr Lake

Both lakes are part of the Roanoke River chain of lake flooded to generate electricity and control flooding downstream. Kerr Reservoir or Buggs Island Lake as the local refer to it was flooded in 1951 and is 50,000 surface acres of water. Lake Gaston was flooded in 1963 and consists of 20,300 surface acres. Buggs Island Lake is owned by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers while Lake Gaston is owned by Dominion Resources (VEPCO/NC Power).

The biggest difference in the two lakes is water levels and water quality. The levels in Lake Gaston remain at a constant level and only fluctuate within one foot under normal conditions. The levels in Buggs Island Lake can and do fluctuate 25 to 30 feet up and down. I have seen 10+ feet drops and/or rises overnight. Due to the changing water levels you can only have a small floating pier on Buggs or just a buoy to moor you boat while on Lake Gaston you can have a permanent boathouse. When the water levels drop your boat may be sitting in the mud and when they rise your boat may be in the trees. Also when the water levels rise the State Parks are closed as are many roads around the lake.

On Buggs, the Corp property goes 100 feet or more from the waterline in most places and clearing of trees is prohibited. Lake Gaston there is a narrow buffer strip of land owned by the power company. Some properties are cleared to water and most provide fantastic water views. The power company does allow trimming or clearing in most cases.

The water quality on Lake Gaston is rated A-1 by the two states. Buggs has a shoreline of rock/red clay, which tends to keep the water muddy to stained.

In short, both are very nice lakes but do have their differences. Real estate seems to be a little less expensive but you get less as far as usable waterfront, less views and no permanent structure such as a boathouse or pier.

Ready to move to Lake Gaston?

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